SeattleSNPs Traveling Workshops
SeattleSNPs is now accepting applications from potential host sites for One- and Two-Day Traveling Workshops.
The SeattleSNPs workshop is based on our highly successful Variation Workshop held each year in Seattle (see, which focuses on the use and application of human polymorphism databases, including SeattleSNPs, in genetic analysis, the latest approaches for SNP discovery, linkage diseqilibrium and haplotype analysis along with the latest strategies for selecting TagSNPs, and the practical application of available software tools for data analysis at all levels, including association analysis.
The workshop may be a full two days with several interactive tutorials, or a condensed one-day session. The two-day workshop includes interactive sessions and casestudy presentations; the one-day workshop consists of presentations by SeattleSNPs researchers but would not include interactive tutorials.
Institutions and groups interested in hosting a workshop must meet the following qualifications:
1. The host group group or institution should provide evidence of a strong research community investigating heart, lung and blood disorders (a documented and strong emphasis in any one of these three areas is sufficient).
2. The host can provide assurance of its capacity to support the workshop, including:
  • Facilities that can accomodate up to 50 attendees, including wireless Internet access for all attendees
  • Funding for reproduction of course materials, registration, and breakfast/lunch/snacks for attendees for the duration of the tutorial
Interested groups should address all concerns listed above in a letter of application submitted to Dr. Debbie Nickerson and Dr. Mark Rieder.
Past Traveling Workshops
April 25-26, 2005 at Washington University in St. Louis
May 2, 2005 at Morehouse School of Medicine