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View the population details for the SeattleSNPs PGA Panel 1

Panel 2 (p2): PGA Defined Panel (Panel in use as of October, 2004)
HapMap (YRI) DNA HapMap (CEU) DNA
Repository Number PGA-VDR Number Repository Number PGA-VDR Number
NA18502 DY01 NA11995 E101
NA19153 DY02 NA12892 E102
NA19223 DY03 NA11882 E103
NA19201 DY04 NA11994 E104
NA18504 DY05 NA12815 E105
NA18870 DY06 NA12891 E106
NA19137 DY07 NA06985 E107
NA19238 DY08 NA11840 E108
NA19144 DY09 NA11881 E109
NA19203 DY10 NA11993 E110
NA19200 DY11 NA12751 E111
NA18855 DY12 NA12814 E112
NA18505 DY13 NA06993 E113
NA18501 DY14 NA07056 E114
NA18861 DY15 NA11832 E115
NA19193 DY16 NA11839 E116
NA19143 DY17 NA11992 E117
NA18517 DY18 NA12057 E118
NA18856 DY19 NA12156 E119
NA19239 DY20 NA12239 E120
NA18871 DY21 NA12750 E121
NA19209 DY22 NA12813 E122
NA19152 DY23 NA07055 E123
NA19210 DY24