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View the population details for the SeattleSNPs PGA Panel 2

Panel 1 (p1): PGA DNA Coriell Repository Numbers and PGA Numbers
African American DNA CEPH DNA
Repository Number PGA-VDR Number Repository Number PGA-VDR Number
NA17101 D001 NA12560 E001
NA17102 D002 NA12547 E002
NA17103 D003 NA10845 E003
NA17104 D004 NA10853 E004
NA17105 D005 NA10860 E005
NA17106 D006 NA10830 E006
NA17107 D007 NA10842 E007
NA17108 D008 NA10851 E008
NA17109 D009 NA07349 E009
NA17110 D010 NA10857 E010
NA17111 D011 NA10858 E011
NA17112 D012 NA10848 E012
NA17113 D013 NA12548 E013
NA17114 D014 NA10844 E014
NA17115 D015 NA10854 E015
NA17116 D016 NA10861 E016
NA17133 D033 NA10831 E017
NA17134 D034 NA10843 E018
NA17135 D035 NA10850 E019
NA17136 D036 NA07348 E020
NA17137 D037 NA10852 E021
NA17138 D038 NA06990 E022
NA17139 D039 NA07019 E023
NA17140 D040