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Few mechanisms exist by which investigators in the early stages of their careers can cost-effectively genotype single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in candidate genes or regions in small, moderate, or large-scale population-based association studies. Furthermore, the current costs of in-house genotyping and re-sequencing (e.g. capital equipment costs and assay reagents), while becoming less expensive over time, are often prohibitively expensive for junior investigators whose institutional resources are limited. With financial support provided through the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's (NHLBI) Program for Genomic Applications (PGA), SeattleSNPs is offering genotyping services for SNPs in candidate genes to investigators on a competitive application basis. Two genotyping platforms will be available: SNPlex (Applied Biosystems) and BeadArray (Illumina). Funding is available for approximately 2-3 moderate-sized studies (~1,500 individuals) genotyped on the Illumina 384 SNP BeadArray platform and/or 1-2 smaller studies (500 or fewer individuals) genotyped on the Applied Biosystems SNPlex 48 SNP platform. In addition to genotyping services, SeattleSNPs can provide consultation on SNP selection (tagSNPs) and data management and analysis, if requested.

Only applications describing research related to heart, lung, blood, and/or sleep disorders will be considered. Preference will be given to innovative junior investigators involved in small or moderate-sized epidemiological studies. Newly independent investigators, postdoctoral students, and senior fellows are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, please provide a cover letter containing the principle investigator's contact information, an NIH biosketch for all investigators involved in the project, and a narrative describing the project using 10 single-spaced pages or less. We suggest 1 page for a project summary, 1-2 pages for project aims, 1-3 pages to justify the project, and five pages or less of project methods. In the section used to justify the project, please address the following questions:
  • What makes this project innovative?
  • Why do existing resources not permit the work to be done?
  • How will this work facilitate future independent funding?
All application documents need to be compiled into a single comprehensive document, which may be uploaded via the application page, or emailed to: Applications are due June 1, 2007. Future application deadlines will be posted on the SeattleSNPs website at An external committee will review the applications and will make recommendations to the SeattleSNPs PGA within three to four months of the deadline.

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