Overview of Seattle SNPs Gene Resources

SeattleSNPs is focused on variation analysis in genes related to the inflammatory response. These gene targets are found in specific pathways and from interacting molecules contributing to this response.

Available Resources

  • Baseline assembled and complete genomic sequence and chromosomal location for candidate gene targets
  • Mapping of exon and repeat structure for candidate genes
  • Amplification primers and conditions
  • SNPs mapped by location in gene structure
  • SNPs with immediate surrounding sequence for genotype assay design
  • Genotypes and relative allele frequencies of the SNPs
  • Special features of SNPs - location (5', coding, etc.), amino acid substitutions, recurrent variation
  • Manuals on all protocols, data analysis procedures, and use of software tools
  • Workshop on genetic variation analysis and a gene submission program for variation analysis

Gene Targets

Genes Scanned for SNPs

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