3700 Loading Procedures

  1. Discard any remaining water from the water bottle and refill it

  2. Take a pH reading of the waste reservoir

  3. Empty the waste into the sink

  4. Discard the old buffer and make a new one (Final Concentration of the buffer is 1X)

  5. Check that the Isopropanol is half-filled with water

  6. Restart the 3700, following these procedures:

    1. Close Data Collection

    2. Close Data Extractor

    3. Close OrbixWeb Daemon

    4. Close Hyper Terminal

    5. Shut off 3700

    6. Wait 30 sec, then turn it back on

    7. Restart NT terminal

    8. When prompted, hit Enter (no password is required to get into Windows NT)

    9. Wait till Orbix Web Daemon, Data Extractor, and Hyper Terminal areopened

    10. Open Data Collection; password is abd_0nly

    Hint: If you can't open Data Collection because Data Collection software is already running, open "ABI to delete lock 3700" folder on the NT desktop and delete the 3700 lock file, then reopen Data Collection
  1. FTP your sample sheet to the WS_FTP folder in the C:drive

  2. Import your sample sheet

  3. Place your plate into the loading tray and put the whole assembly into the 3700

  4. Link your plate to your sample sheet

  5. Click the green arrow button to start the procedure

  6. Fill out the 3700 log

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