Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much DNA do I need to send?
We require at least 1 ug of DNA (50 ng/uL); it should be quantitated with pico green.

2. Will unused DNA be returned?
Yes, we'll return unused DNA after completion of your project.

3. How should the DNA be sent?
DNA should be shipped overnight Monday through Thursday packed in dry ice. Please email tracking number to:

4. Do you check DNA concentrations?
Yes, we measure the DNA concentration of all samples with pico green, but we don't adjust the volume for the assays; therefore it is important that your DNA concentration is 50 ng/uL.

5. Do we need to provide replicates?
We recommend that you include replicates in your project. We include our own set of replicates to measure DNA quality and site performance.

6. How long will it take to complete my project?
We try to complete most projects in 12 weeks from the time the assays are ordered; larger populations (>1000) may extend this timeline.

7. How will my genotype data be transferred?
We will email the genotype data to the contact person on the request form. It will be in the prettybase format by gene; site, sample, allele1 , allele 2.


DNA Requirements

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