DNA Requirements

All DNA samples sent must be provided at a concentration of 50-100ng/ul, 1 ug total (~20 ul @ 50ng/ul). Concentrations should be determined with a fluorimeter using Pico-green. Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Assay can be purchased through Invitrogen.

DNA Plate Layout

We require that only 92 DNA samples should be plated in a 96 well v-bottom plate; the remaining four wells ( H9-H12) on each plate are reserved for controls. Plates should be uniquely labeled with PI name, date, and plate number, for example, johnsmith_83005_plate_1.xls. A DNA manifest in hard copy form should accompany your DNA samples. In addition, an electronic version should be sent to jds66@u.washington.edu. Save each DNA plate layout in a separate file. Use the format template below as a guide for the DNA manifest. Although we don't require ethnicity and gender, it is useful for validation purposes.

Shipment of DNA

Samples should be shipped by FedEx Overnight Express. Please package the samples on dry ice in a Styrofoam container. The weight and amount of dry ice will be recorded on the container. Please email the shipping tracking number to jds66@u.washington.edu.